Friday, August 7, 2009


Its officially 100 days until my due date!!!

Only 100 days until we get to meet baby Leah!!! I can't wait to see what she will look like! I am sure she will be beautiful though! I need to gather a baby picture of Brian and I so we can compare and try to predict what she will look like when she is born!

Last night we were playing a nice little game... she would kick me, I would poke back, and she would return it with a kick! We did this for a good 30 minutes... but every time I would yell for Brian to come see, she would stop! She is either very shy, ... or as I would like to think, she calms down when Brian or I talk. I rarely feel her kicking while I am talking, only when I am quiet. Brian did feel her just move in my stomach though... it felt more like a twist to me, and Brian said he felt it faintly. I just want Brian to enjoy her as much as I am right now!

Other fun facts about this little girl....

She is 2 lbs now according to the ultrasound this past Monday. This the normal size, so I guess her weight gain has slowed down. And her heart rate dropped to 148.

We also have decided on a daycare for Feb-June. She will be attending Little Learners Academy. This is one of the three we initially visited, and I liked. Grandpa Larry, I guess you are now off the hook... I am doing by today to pay my 40 dollar fee to hold her spot. (Goddard's was 500! ha!)

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