Monday, August 10, 2009

Whoo, big baby!

I had another doctors appointment today... Entering my third trimester makes my appointments a little more informational!

Points of interest:
  • I drank the disgusting sugar drink to test for diabetes and had my blood drawn... I will receive a phone call in a week if I fail it...
  • I have gained a total of 26 lbs.... it is a frightening #, but according to the doctor, as long as my weight gain is equal to, or less than the # of weeks I am, then I am A-Okay. The doctor is expecting me to gain 40-45 lbs by the time the baby comes though... the reasons are listed below...
  • According to our ultrasound results from last Monday, Leah is coming in at the 75th percentile.
  • Leah also is surrounded by alot of fluids. The doctor then told me "She pees alot, so make sure you buy alot of diapers!" ... Yes babies go to the bathroom while in there... they practice swallowing by drinking the fluid and then their body practices functioning. ... gross, but whatever, we all did it! ha!
  • My blood pressure went up to 138/70 rather than my usual 120/80. Hopefully it does not continue to change. My mom had high blood pressure when she was pregnant and I donot want any threat of bed rest... I want to spend my maternity leave with my baby... not without! It would be such a waste!
  • My body is measuring almost 4 weeks ahead of schedule (around 31 weeks), rather than my 27 weeks that I actually am. The doctor is still trusting my due date of Nov 15th... lets hope she stays in until then... I have things to get done before she comes!!! (Test = Nov 3)
  • I have been having a burning sensation in my upper/right side, right under my ribs.... The doctor stated that it could either be a muscle pain, or an ulcer! I am supposed to try to keep track of when I feel this pain... I already know it is most often after I eat... and to call if it gets worse or anything so that I can have another ultrasound (this one would not be for the baby). I would not be surprised if it was an ulcer.... my body does have a history of being mean to itself... We will see how it goes though...

In general though... everything is great! Only 10 more weeks until I am officially full term and baby Leah can make her appearance if she wishes.... but lets hope she holds off until after the 3rd!! It would be beneficial to both me, and her.... in the long run!

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