Sunday, August 30, 2009

catching up

Our trip to Michigan last weekend for my cousins weekend was a nice one. Although the drive was longer than we would have liked, it didn't seem too horrible, and spending time with my family made it worth it. It definitely made me 100 times more excited for my brothers wedding so we can do it all again!! Below are a few pictures...

This past Thursday I had my ultrasound on my gallbladder. The tech did not say anything to me except that it takes 2 days to get results... I should get the results on Monday. I am still trying to eat better, but I still get the pain anytime I eat anything...
In work news, some of you know that I have been patiently waiting for a position on the actuarial department... the rumor is that I will be moving to that new position once I come back from Maternity leave in January... well Friday morning when I got to work I had a meeting invite from the Chief Actuary for a meeting with the actuarial department. I think this is a good sign... I might not have a position yet, but he's starting to include me in their department meetings! He said he wants me to know what is going on within their department since I am a future actuary for the company. It was a little awkward walking in, but everyone pretty much knows and is of course welcoming.
This weekend Brian went on a float trip with my brother for his bachelor party. I realized that this is probably my last weekend completely alone! I cant imagine a time when I will be left alone, without Brian and Leah, over night, anytime in the near future! I tried to enjoy it, but I really love my hubby and prefer that he is here with me! I did spend some time with my sister though last night since I just needed to be around someone and talk to someone. We had a nice time shopping and then went to see The Time Travelers Wife. I hope Leah will have a sister someday... like I have said before, I love my time I spend with her! Its something that is so much more comfortable than hanging out with a friend sometimes.
In baby news, I am 30 weeks!! We are almost down to single digits left until Leah is here!!! Holy Cow! Yesterday I was going thru all of the sample stuff I have received (I think you are given something every time you go anywhere related to pregnancy) and I saw how little new born diapers are! It was so weird to see and hold them and know that my life will be consumed by these in 2 months!! (Yes 2 months, I have a feeling Leah will come early!) Its all starting to hit a little harder!! I cant wait until she is here though!!

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  1. Great post ! Hope you get good news on Monday . I'm sure the guys had a good time on the float trip and ou got to hang out with your sister :) Fingers crossed for the job postion for ya .. Sounds like your in ! See you soon , Sarah and Steves wedding is just a month away !



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