Saturday, August 15, 2009

staying busy!

Before I get to the fun stuff... I did receive my medicine yesterday... I can't tell if its working or not. I still have the pain, but it feels muted... but maybe its just not flaring up today either... we will see how the week goes and what the doctor says Wednesday.

In more happy news... last weekend was busy with shower's for my brother's fiance Sarah! I am so lucky to be getting yet another amazing sister n law! Their wedding is only 5 weeks away! :)

Looking at the picture of the 4 Kozlen ladies, it makes me even more excited to be having a girl! I really LOVE the time I get to spend with my mom and sister, and Sarah too when she is in town, and I can't wait to include Leah in this girl time!

We have made alot more progress on the baby room! We received another piece of furniture, hung curtains, and painted. Its look cuter and cuter by the day! It just needs a glider, the bookshelf I want, a cute lamp, and some wall decor! ... and then it will just be missing baby Leah!

Last weekend I also bought a Hot Sling baby carrier. At most stores they are around 45-60 dollars.. but I found one at Marshals for only 20! I had to buy it! I then had to test it out... they come in different sizes and I wanted to make sure it wasnt too big. We dont want Leah falling out of it... so of course I had to try it out carrying Jaxs around. He is about the size of a new born... and he loved it! I also loved it! I cant wait to carry our little girl around the house. While she is still little, I plan to be able to keep her close to me, curled up tightly while she sleeps, and hopefully I can get house work done (dishes, laundry, etc...).

And one last picture... Its Leah's Mizzou outfit. She will be wearing it this winter while watching some games with her daddy! I can't wait to see her in it... and I can't wait to see her spending time with Brian!


  1. I love ALL of the pics ! Leah's room looks sooo cute and I love the kitty in the baby sling pic ! The shower you all gave Sarah was perfect , thank you again !
    Aunt Nancy

  2. The room is SOO cute. I like the wall color you picked out! :)



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