Monday, August 3, 2009

90% sure


The ultrasound today showed the three lines, and lack of any boy parts, but because her legs were still so close together, the tech did not want to give us a 100% answer... but we are all pretty confident!

I am now excited for our little Leah to get here! Its weird to actually know now!

Brian and I haven't gotten to talk much since finding out, we both had to run off to work, and I have been super busy, but I hope he is as excited as me! I know with him being a boy, he wanted a boy.... but I know he will be great with a little girl. I can just picture a little daddy's girl that will watch the baseball games with him, love Mizzou, and play catch.

Now to work.... sort of.... I just keep daydreaming of our little Leah! :)


  1. I am super duper excited for you!!

  2. Finally ! How exciting ! I'm sure she will be a daddy's girl :)

  3. CONGRATS!!!! And I love the name! :) It was on my short list for a girl... SO EXCITING to finally know... lol, sort of - 90%. That makes it even more fun though, for when your baby is born!



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