Tuesday, August 18, 2009

getting tired

This past Sunday was really my first "I am tired of being pregnant" kind of day. I can already tell that 3rd trimester is definitely not going to be easy!

I woke up Sunday just feeling sore... I can tell Leah,(and me) are growing tons... my stomach was just feeling stretched.

I then went grocery shopping with out Brian. Just from walking around the store I was getting cramps in my side... they were the kind of cramps you get from running and not breathing properly... but I was just walking slowly around the store!

Then while walking past the alcohol section a case of Octoberfest beer caught my eye! I LOVED pumpkin beer last year! Brian and I tired every kind we possibly could find. See this of course got me feeling a little bummed. By the time I am able to enjoy this beer, it might no longer be in stores! I called Brian to tell him how bummed I was... and his response was "Oh how much? Will you get me a case?" What a meanie! I am officially requesting that he buys me a case before Leah comes and saves it for me! Last night he enjoyed a bottle... I kept grabbing it and smelling the goodness! Only 3 more months!

When I got home from shopping I thought I would be a great wife and make Brian lunch. I made him a turkey and ranch sandwich, pretzels, and got out a bag of fruit snacks to take him lunch downstairs to eat while he was playing video games... well as I was about to take him his lunch, he came up stairs... I said "I made you lunch!" at the same time as he said "I was coming up to make a tuna fish sandwich." This immediately made me cry... and it wasnt just small tears, it was the "I can't stop crying" hard tears!

I love being pregnant and having Leah moving around with my all day, but I am definitely looking forward to the day that I have my body and control of my emotions back!

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  1. Hang in there, Kim! Some days are worse than others. I definately had PLENTY of these days, so know you are not alone! And before you know it, your little bundle will be here!



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