Wednesday, August 26, 2009

because there is nothing new...

*How far along?: 29 Weeks

*Total weight gain: 26lbs

*How big is baby?: I think about 3 lbs... I am not sure... maybe bigger.

*Maternity clothes?: I am quickly running out of clothes that fit! All of my maternity shirts are getting too short, and my pants are getting tighter. I had to cut a slit in one pair so I could breathe. ... Luckily I have an amazing mom who bought me some Ann Taylor maternity clothes for my birthday. They are amazing!

*Sleep?: My sleep is amazing besides the fact that I only have a choice of two positions and my hips hurt most of the night.... I get thru it with alot of pillows. I have definitely been enjoying my time laying down in bed at night as well. Sitting in a chair and on the couch is getting more and more uncomfortable. I also dont know if this will change... but I only get up once per night to use the restroom... I am going to hope it continues and doesnt get to the every two hours that most ladies tell me about.

*Best moment this week?: Anytime she moves around and makes herself known.

*Movement?: I have decided that Leah is much more of a mover than a kicker. She also gets shy whenever I invite someone to come over and feel her move because she always stops!

*Food cravings?: WATERMELON! Its all I want!... except I am too lazy to cut it up myself, so I buy way too expensive pre-cut ones! Oh well! Its too yummy, I will pay for it!

*Labor signs?: no that I am aware of... I am been curious if I will start getting the braxton hick contractions...

*Belly button in or out?: Its still in but very very small and strange looking....

*What I miss: Pumpkin beer, being able to walk quickly, not having a constant burning feeling in my ribs, and sleeping on my stomach

*What I'm looking forward to: Continuing to put the baby room together, and just meeting our little girl!

*Milestone: I am in my third trimester and its all quickly downhill from here! Leah just has to put on weight and decide when she wants to make an appearance! Lets hope she holds off though for atleast 8 more weeks.

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