Thursday, August 13, 2009


In a previous post I mentioned a burning sensation in my upper abdomen that my doctor said maybe an ulcer and to call if it got worse. .... well yesterday, it got worse.

The pain seemed to have moved from my front, straight to my back... it felt like I had a spear going right though me. After 4 hours of this pain, I called the doctor...I was sent to St. John's Womens Evaluation unit (emergency room for pregnant ladies) to get it checked out. Of course I was way wrong when I thought this would be a short trip....

I arrive around 5:15 and was immediately told to put a gown on and was hooked up to crazy machines to monitor the baby. Leah was of course fine! Her heart beat was normal and you could hear her jumping all over the place.

Me on the other hand.... had my blood taken once, waited for over an hour and a half for the results, was told by a nurse that the results looked ok and that I would be leaving soon, but then 30 minutes later was visited by the lady to take my blood a second time. An hour later the doctor came in stating that all of my lab works looks fine, but they think I might be in the beginning phases of gallbladder problems! My symptoms I explained match it perfectly, but it has yet to effect the rest of my body... 4 hours after arriving and two needle holes, I was sent home...

Supposedly gallbladder problems are somewhat common with pregnancy.... something with the extra hormones in my body throws the gallbladder out of whack.

I was given a presciption that is supposed to help indigestion to see if that helps at all, (if it does, than its not my gallbladder) but when I tried to get it filled this morning, my insurance is not covering it... My doctor has to fax the insurance company a request and blah blah blah... I might pay the 124.99 to get the medicine without insurance, but what if it doesn't help? I have an appointment to see my doctor on the 19th...

So I am officially banned from fried, fatty, and greasy food.... knowing this is of course making me crazy pizza, Chinese, hot wings, and everything else that is bad for me! ... but I am trying to think that this could be ok in the long run.... This could make me eat right! And I if I can't have something...neither will Brian! :)

The pain is not unbearable... just annoying....and not effecting Leah at all... so no need to worry!

In other news, our dresser is coming in Saturday and then I will have nursery pictures to put up! :)

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  1. Take good care of yourself .. I hope the medicine works for you ! Glad to hear that baby Leah is doing fine and soon you will be too . Hang in there .
    Aunt Nancy



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