Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Big Sisterhood

Leah is loving being a big sister!

Minutes after the initial meeting Leah came back into the recovery room with her aunts, anxious to see her baby sister again.

I think she had to see the excitement from everyone else before she could be excited.

(We had Leah be the first to come and meet Emily.)

Then she had the chance to hold her for the first time...

And her obsession began. 

Leah constantly wants to hold her, hug her, kiss her, touch her, poke at her, tickle her, and love on her. 

Its awesome to see her excitement and love... 

The first thing she says now when she wakes up in the mornings and comes to the top of the steps is now "Is Emi up!?" 

showing off her blue tongue from her snow cone. 

poking Emily in the eye

But when Emily is trying to sleep, and we are looking for a break, I find myself constantly telling Leah "No. Let her sleep. Leave her alone. Lets have mommy and Leah time instead."

We were also warned that the first few weeks Leah might act out a bit...

And we have seen our fair share of tantrums lately.

They all seem to revolve around Leah's lack of listening.

She is usually taken kicking and screaming to time out, where once she calms down she usually opens the door and says "I am ready to listen now."

Brian has stepped up alot taking care of Leah while I handle Emily.

I have been surprised how easily Leah has gone to him which she is usually a huge momma's girl.

It warms my heart to see them together though.  (I would love to have 100s of pictures of them together but Brian yells at me as soon as I pick up the camera. stinker.)

Yesterday he took her to Six Flags alone... she came home needing a nap and clinging to Brian.  She would not let him put her down and wanted nothing to do with me.

It kind of broke my heart and I may have shed a few post pregnancy emotional tears.

I am trying to make more of an effort to spend time with her.

Having her sit on my lap more.  Help me make dinner. Help me take care of Emily.

She is already an amazing big sister and I want to make sure she knows it!


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