Monday, June 18, 2012

Body After Baby

I had forgotten how horrific the immediate post baby body could look...and what it can do to your self confidence.

I know... I just had a baby 12 days ago. It will take time to get back to normal...

But I seem to have absolutely zero patience this time around.

Maybe its the time of the year.

With Leah it was winter. Too cold to get out. I could hide in my sweats for a few months.

But this time... Its HOT. I want to get into my shorts and tank tops and swimsuit and not have to think about how my body is looking in it.

With a c-section I am unable to exercise for 4 weeks. I figured if I felt OK, I could go for walks and be fine... but Ive been starting to hurt...

I havent been taking it too easy ... I kind of feel like I have ADD since coming home and I am just anxious to get moving.

The other day I took Emily for a 15 minute walk and my incision was HURTING afterwards.

And then I took Leah grocery shopping with me... and pushing the cart, food and 38.5 lb toddler around really took a toll as well.

So I have to take it easy physically for the next few weeks.

I am trying to focus more on my eating...

I am back on weight watchers. ... as in I signed up 4 days after having a baby.

My work will reimburse me for it all as long as I lose 5% and keep it off for 6 months on the program.

I might be cheating a little with using my 4 day, postpartum weight as my starting weight, and then losing my 5% in the first week...

I really want to try and clean up our whole family's diet...

I hope I can consistently buy more fresh food and ditch the frozen, premade, box crap...

So far, even with a 12 day old, I have actually cooked most of our meals and they have been EASY. Definitely something I think we can keep up when I return to work... I just need to make sure I am buying the right things to fill the fridge to do so.

I am really hoping I can only be about 5-10 lbs away from my beginning weight at my 4 week postpartum check up... and once I am OK to exercise again, I can be sure to be at my pre-pregnancy weight or less when I return to work with a 10 week old.

I can do this.

Now for the visual aids...

The morning of becoming a mom of 2. 
12 days postpartum ... pretty much just woke up and feeling/looking a little sleep deprived


  1. The best advice I ever got immediately postpartum was to be kind to myself. Be kind to yourself, mama! You just gave LIFE! That said, I understand feeling antsy, and I'm excited about following your journey!

  2. Kim, I think you look fantastic!!!!



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