Friday, June 22, 2012

Some Interesting Info

Yesterday was Em's 2 week check up...

(Don't get me started on how fast time is going... )

It was definitely an interesting visit. 

First a reminder... 

At birth, Emily was 8lb 6 oz and 20.5 inches long.  

When we left the hospital she had dropped down to 8lb 1oz. 

At 2 weeks Emily is coming in at 9lb 5 oz and 22 inches long!!! 

I knew she was going thru a growth spurt but 1.5 inches in 2 weeks?! 

Turns out, the Dr. thinks they measured her incorrectly at the hospital.  

She says they are not always the best at pulling their legs straight when they measure them. 

She thinks Emily grew, but not 1.5 inches...

So... how long was she really at birth!? 

My guess she would be atleast 21 inches... maybe more like the 21.25 like her sister... 

Em is just a tad skinnier... and I think its all in the cheeks/face!  

Leah had CHEEKS... but she also had multiple chins. :)  

I remember having a hard time wiping out the milk that would fall down into her rolls... 

Em does not have that problem. 

As the the actual percentile stats... because we all know I love me some standard normal distribution! 

Length: 94.94%
Weight: 80.14%
Head: 25.05%

Yes... my children have small heads.... a trait that is definitely from the Gilmore side because have you seen the Kozlen heads?!  Leah was always around 50%.  Maybe that is also where her extra pound was!

Other interesting facts from the appointment... 

Emily might not actually be our dark hair beauty... 

The Dr. is predicting another blond haired, blue eyed, girl. 

She is sprouting blond hairs under all those dark strands.. and even the dark hairs are starting to grow out more as blonde at the base.  

All babies eyes are blue when they are first born, but Emily's eyes have already started to turn to a much lighter blue.   I had made this comment to Brian a few days ago, but he thought I was crazy... but the doctor has reassured me that I am right.

So it looks like Emily might resemble her sister a bit more than originally thought! 

On a more serious note... 

Em has a spot under her lip.  

It looks like a scar...

The Dr. is unsure at the moment what exactly it is, maybe a birth mark or just a cluster of cells that will go away. 

Within the next month to 6 weeks it should get better or worst... 

We are of course hoping for the better, but the doctor commented that "If it gets bigger and bother some, the good thing is that dermatologist and plastic surgeons are awesome now a days and could definitely take care of it!"

Scary to think that we might need those options down the road, but thank goodness it is nothing serious for my perfect #2.

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  1. When Laura was about one month old, she got a red mark under her eye that looked just like she nicked herself with those lethal infant nails. Except it got darker instead of healing. Dr. said it was a delayed (and harmless) birth mark. I can't imagine Laura without her beauty mark now!!



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