Monday, June 25, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 2

Week 2 seemed to go pretty well. 

I did not attempt any walks since my incision was hurting from my attempts the prior week. 

So instead, I focused on what I COULD do rather than what I CANNOT do.  (Thanks for the suggestion Kaylene!) 

I ate well. 

For our anniversary my mom had Jack Stack BBQ delivered from Kansas City (we live in St. Louis!)   and I enjoyed the ribs, burnt ends, beans, cheesy corn, and asparagus (I added it) but I only ate the appropriate portions.  

I was very proud of myself.  And I ended full and content! 

Then Saturday night Brian and I headed out for our anniversary where we used an Applebee's giftcard from his parents.  Lucky me, Applebee's has weightwatcher meals so the night was easy... 

And I enjoyed a few adult beverages. 

Weightwatchers is so very doable for me... 

Because last week I lost another 4.8 pounds. 

That makes 17.6 total in 2 weeks. (Thanks alot to just having a baby)

The success is a total confidence booster and encourages me to keep going strong this week. 

Em and I already enjoyed a morning walk and it felt great!  

My one struggle from this past week.... 

Silly me decided to give up soda... 

How I miss that bubbly, cold goodness! 

My mouth is watering right now just thinking of a Diet Coke! 

I know its horrible timing with having a newborn and being a bit sleep deprived... 

I have only been having 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day so honestly I am not sure how I am not falling over from the sleepiness... 

But I decided to give it up not only for the health benefits, but because I knew being home on leave all day, every time I am thirsty I would go for a Diet Coke.  Not good.   

I know I need to drink  more water. 

Leah was even getting to a point where she was requesting soda to drink... 

I NEEDED to stop that. 

I am not saying I will never have a soda again... 

I just do not want to buy it and have it in the house. 

It will be a treat... when out to dinner or something. 

But not for a little while... 

I need to fully break this addiction first. 

And I am already on day 8...and my mouth is still watering. 

Hopefully that will go away soon... as will these last unwanted pounds! 

Last week, 1.5 weeks postpardum
2.5 weeks postpartum, freshly sweaty from our walk

By the way, I do not think I mentioned it last week, but I am linking up with Exploits of a Military Mama, and her weekly attempt to get back to her pre-babies self. 


  1. You look amazing! And kudos on the coke. I am really needing to give up Diet Coke. Not only do I drink far more than I should, but it becomes an expensive habit! I just don't think I can do it yet...

  2. No way I could ever do the soda thing... Rough. I feel for you. And Jack Stack. Mmmmm! I'm so jealous!



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