Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little Sisterhood

I should start off this post with knocking on some wood.

I do not want to jinx anything.

Emily is an amazingly easy baby... so far.

Maybe it refers back to the starting with bottle feeding and not being a first time mom again...

But from the get go Emily has eaten well, burped almost immediately, making tons of dirty diapers (yeah, it really is something to be excited about sadly) and slept like a champ.

Even the nurses commented on how she was a quiet little girl.

In the hospital she was going 4 hours between feedings of 2 oz and 3 oz on the last night/day..

Once we got home ... She started going 5 hours between feedings at night!!!

At 5 DAYS old!

And that was only because I was waking her up at 5 hours because I thought she was way too little to be sleeping like that!

I asked the doctor at her 1 week check up.  She agreed that we should not let her go longer than 6 hours right now just because she still is so young...

I have such hopes of this child sleeping through the night by the time I head back to work!

I hope hope hope!

Now if only we could get Miss Leah to consistently sleep through the night too...

I am being serious.

The 2.5 year old that does not sleep thru the night is a story for another day...

But first, some pictures of the amazing little one.


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