Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a Difference

With Leah I was in the hospital for 5 days and 4 nights.

I remember being an emotional basket case once Leah arrived.

The first day I kept her in my room the nurse came in to check on things.  She asked if Leah had any diaper changes and I had to respond no.  Not because she honestly hadn't gone but because I honestly forgot that babies needed their diapers changed!!

My hormones were all over the place... remember I cried over a football game... with teams I could careless about!

And I struggled with breast feeding.

This time around it was an amazing, relaxing, boring, 4 days and 3 nights of bonding with my baby girl. ... and recovered with awesome pain meds.

I knew a baby needed its diaper changed.

I knew how to calm a crying baby and the signs that showed what Emily wanted.

And the biggest change... we bottle fed from the start.

I cannot say enough how much more of a relaxed feel I had just from not trying to figure out breast feeding.

I honestly cannot even put it into words.

I already feel like we are off to a great start just because I am feeling so much more confident, relaxed, and happy about becoming a mom of 2.

So far... I can totally do this!

And some pictures of course...
The very first meeting.  Leah was a bit unsure. She was more nervous about me in the hospital bed. 

Pretty Girl #2

Immediately tried to feed her ice cream to her sister. 

Beaming with pride

Obsessed with holding her

Grandmas and granddaughters

Daddy and his girls

bottle feeding is perfect for our family. 

me and my girls

big feet like her sissy ... and mommy too I guess.. 

Leah was just calming down from a tantrum and somehow I got Emily too who was screaming... I can do this. 

heading home

The new view in the van. 


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