Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Paint or Not to Paint...

I have been gifted this dresser from my sister n law... originally from my in laws....
Before it arrived at my house I had marvalous dreams of painting it a fantastic color... maybe even painting the squares a different color...
It will be residing in our guest bedroom, possibly Emily's future big girl dresser...
But once I actually saw it in person I started to question it....
Its pretty big...
And alot bulkier than the dainty looking peices in the pictures above...
Its a nice dark color that already matches our current furniture style and actually in pretty good condition.
I am questioning my original idea of painting it a pale blue greenish color...
Im nervous...
I decided to start with just spray painting the handles silver
It already makes a huge difference.
But now I am not sure where to go....
I really like the two-toned look...
But what colors?
Do I paint the inner squares?
Or just outline them like the first one?
Please... send me your suggestions!! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

I have been slacking in the picture taking world lately.  Poor 2nd child Emily has had zero pictures taken during her 4th month of life with anything besides my phone.  I hope to fix that this weekend and in the future month with a trip to the zoo and typical October activites.  Pumpkin Patch, Harvest Festival, Halloween, OH MY!

I ran a 5K the other day in 30:16.  So. Freaking. Close. I will get to under 30 minutes... and soon!

Our U-Verse main reciever "fried" according to the AT&T repair guy. It stopped working Sunday and the first available time a guy could come out was today, Friday. He told me we lost all of our previously recorded items. The news... was heartbreaking! We lost so many of Leah's favorite movies that we had recorded. My recording of the New Girl premiere from this past week, the only real show I watch, that I have been waiting very inpatiently for... gone! So sad... in more ways than one.

Last Friday I attended my first game of neighborhood Bunco. I am still unsure what to think.  It reminded me of college... walking to the "party" with my beer.  This time I am a little wiser and carried it in a cooler.  It was fun meeting so many ladies. There is definitely a wide variety in the group.  I met quite a few Creative Expression (The girl's daycare) mommas and I probably fit in best with them. In the neighborhood we have yet to find a girl that Leah will be in Kindergarten with.  Plenty of boys, but no girls yet.  Emily on the other hand, there are 5 baby girls in the neighborhood now that will all head off to Kindergarten together.  As for the game it was a bit boring for my taste... I need to test my skills a little more than just rolling a dice! But it was nice to get away and have some girl/Mommy talk. I had a nice buzzed walk home (something about a walk home after drinking I LOVE!) at 10pm and I still had to put the girls to bed... Brian!

This morning Emily was a rolling fool! As soon as I laid her on her back she would immediately flip over.

At bunco, while talking to a stay at home momma to a 6 month old baby girl, who I guess is contemplating heading back to work started to ask me questions.  Initially she asked how much CXE costs. I told her... and she responded with "A week!? Do you just work to pay for daycare!?"  I was sort of thrown off by the question... No. I do not. I wasnt sure how to explain to her what I did (She had not asked), and that we make good salaries, without it coming off as "Girl I'm awesome and make tons!"  And then she went on to ask "Do you just think about your kids and miss them all day long!?" ... I was honest and said no... and then I felt like a crappy mom. I am happy to spend my time as Kim instead of Mom 24/7.

Ive been thinking about Halloween alot lately.  With Leah being almost 3, I was nervous to let her pick a costume out as I was sure that every trip to Target would result in her wanting to be something else. At daycare one day when I picked her up, on the board, each of the kid's names were written with what they wanted to be for Halloween.  One kid said he wanted to be "Taller", while Leah declared she wanted to be a cow. This was almost 2 weeks ago and she still says she wants to be a cow when I ask her about it.  She also requests that Emily be a baby cow. A Cow!? Ok...  I am all for dressing them alike this halloween! I am sure it is something that will not happen often in the future.  I ordered Emily a 8 dollar cow costume from Carters yeterday... Leah on the other hand, every cute cow costume I can find is over 30 dollars!! There must be a low supply for toddler cow costumes because the prices are higher... but every other animal possible, there are tons, and cheap! 
This will be Emily next month... Who knows what Leah will look like.
Leah's birthday is another thing I have been contemplating alot lately... I originally wanted it at Chuck E Cheese or The Little Gym... but now I am thinking of just staying home again... Mid to late Nov... the weather could be anything in STL.  Should we try just renting a bounce house for the backyard, pizza, and cupcakes? Or stick with the whole "somewhere else" so I do not have to clean... she's only turning 3...but I want to do something for her and her little friends! I need to decide soon!
This past weekend we painted the basement and office. No longer a beige house!! Now I just want to paint every room! Next big sale at Sherwin Williams I am shipping the girls off again and getting my paint on! Master bedroom, the girl's rooms, the Loft, bathrooms... its all happening sometime!
Which by the way, this past weekend, the girl's nearly killed my parents.  My mom came over at 8:30am and picked up the girls.  We had planned on them keeping them all day and night...  But when I talked to my mom at 6pm, I could hear it in her voice that she was spent and wasnt sure they would all be surviving the night. Leah was not remembering to use the potty and peeing all over the house.  Emily seemed to have an upset tummy, and everytime Emily would finally fall asleep for a nap, Leah would find a way to get to her and wake her back up... So although I was exhausted from painting all day and wanted to just take a bath and crawl into bed, I told her she could bring the girls home.  The last and only time we have been away from them over night was when we sent Leah to my parents and Emily to my in-laws... I guess that will just have to be the way we do it for a bit longer... My mom always likes to say "There is a reason you are supposed to have your kids in your 20s!"


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 15

Late, Late, Late...

This has probably been the busiest week of my life.

Atleast the businest week of work ever.

Not the greatest time to do my Interim Exam...

14 questions, 1-2 pages written for each question, plus some excel work due within 30 days...

My 30 days are up Friday.

I have been stressing.

And if you know me at all, I am HORRIBLE with stress.

So it should be no surprise that I only lost 0.4 lbs this past week.

Successes of the week:

I finally ran 5 miles!

In just under 55 minutes.

I figured it out that I just need to run further away from my house and I am fine...

I can totally keep chugging along...

But as soon as I come within a few blocks of my house my feet just take over and lead me straight back home.

I also ran 2 miles in 19 minutes!

If I can just add another mile to that pace I certainly can make a 5k under 30 minutes.

If it would ever stop raining today I would go test out my ability...

I havent had a run longer than 2 miles in a week and desperately need a nice long run to relieve me of some of this built up stress!

Another plus to the week...

I had my annual visit to the doctor... booo.


I weighted in 14 lbs under my prepregnancy weight!


After talking to my doctor about my weightloss, and how I have been feeling lately...

... exhausted, irritable, headaches, no real appetite...

We had my blood drawn...

It may just be the result of being a new working mom of 2 and needing to take a multivitamin...

But my doctor wanted to check out my thyroid (I am at a very high risk for thyroid disease with a strong family history and my own history of cysts on my thyroid) and my blood counts.

Im curious to hear the results in 7-10 days...


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Wore Tuesday

(I know I'm late on my Body After Baby post, I'll get there soon)

I thought I'd try a new weekly post....

Tuesdays are my first day in the office for the week so I usually put a little more effort into getting dressed for the first time in a few days,  and I thought it would be fun to be able to look back on what I've worn.

I asked Brian once what he thought about my style...

If he likes how I dressed...

He responded that I dress like my mom!

Still not sure if he thinks that is good or bad...

He would prefer I am dressed like I am about to go golfing I think...

But I'll take that as a compliment as I love my moms style!

We like the same stores and she buys me alot of what I wear still!

We even have similar pictures from age 22, wearing similar things!

Stay tuned for those pictures....

And for today...
(Hang with me as I try to find a better way to take full length pictures... )

Top: target

Sweater: Loft
Pants: Kohls
Shoes: Nordstroms (thanks in-laws!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Potty Chronicles: About 6 weeks in

I know you are all just dying to know how Leah's doing in the world of underwear.

We are about 6 weeks into the adventure...

You can catch up on the beginning, 3 day, No Diapers, Mommy have a HUGE meltdown and cry more than the toddler, posts below:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

Since the intial go round, Leah has definitely had her ups and downs.

She started off beautifully at daycare.

Minimal accidents.

A champ!

And then poop happened.


Changing/Cleaning poopy underwear is seriously the worst part of parenting yet!


We talk about it everyday...

The things I try to bribe her with are becoming insane!

Seriously, if she will just go on the potty she can do and have anything her heart desires!

I know this is a common thing with little ones...

Leah's bff up the street has the same issue.

Except she asks for a diaper, does her business and asks to be changed.

I am honestly not sure which is better....

I appreciate any and all ideas!!

So besides the poop problem, and me thinking daycare hates me for the said poop problem, Leah was doing great...

Until she wasnt.

All of a sudden she was having crazy amounts of accidents!

Like 5+ a day.

Brian and I were getting so frustrated!

We had no idea what to do.

This went on for a week...

She would occasionally have only 1 or 2 accidents and we were feeling better about it.

I thought maybe the "newness" was wearing off and she was having problems remembering to go...

That was until 1 thursday evening when I noticed that when she did make it to the potty she would only go a little bitty bit.

Then have an accident like 10 minutes later.

Then the next morning she woke up crying.

She tried to use the potty twice but nothing came out.

And she was crying that her belly and bottom hurt.

I knew something was up.

As soon as the doctors office opened I made her an appointment.

I was instructed to give her something to drink so that they could try to get a urine sample.

I figured... sure!

And then the doctor gave me a CUP to have her pee in!


A 2 year old, who is already having trouble going, peeing in this itty bitty cup!?

Lets just say an hr later, bribing her with stickers and candy, we got a sample and mommy had pee all over her hands.

Yep, horrible UTI.

So bad that the Dr. even gave her the first round of anitbiotics to make sure she got them in her asap!

I felt horrible for not catching on to it earlier...

That week of multiple accidents were all a symptom.

She just finished up antibiotics.

But we are still struggling with a few accidents a day.

Usually 1 pee and 1 poop...

Oh and her new daycare teacher, who only taught her class of almost 3 year olds (who are all supposed to be potty trained) for 1.5 weeks, who has a bachelors degree in education, quit unexpectantly today...

When I heard the news I immediately thought that Leah's poop did her in!

Seriously! (Just had to add another in there)

I know it will get better...

I would prefer sooner rather than later...

Because I seriously (#800?) hate doing laundry!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 14

Yep, another 3.2 lbs down.

I feel like I say this every week but HOLY COW how did that happen?

This week was a little rough.

I was exhausted most of the week.

Ate Pizza twice.

Ate my mom's Pot Roast...

With Gravy & Buscuit with Apple Butter.

Ate some candy with Leah.

Had a few beers.

I came home from work early Thursday with a migraine to take a 4 hour break and then get back online at home.

Missed Boot Camp class...

and ate very little all day.

Migraines make me PUKE.

I did do three 4+ mile runs.

And a couple other short ones.

I guess I should just shut my mouth and take it!!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eureka Days

(Pictures are really out of order... and I am too lazy to move them around. )
This past weekend was Eureka Days!  I am beginning to LOVE Eureka more and more for all the small town aspects it offers, yet we are still part of St. Louis county!

We attended the Parade with our neighbor friends... Matt, Katie, and Grace!  We love that Leah has someone to grow up with and Brian and I have another couple to hang out with!  Katie and I even were asked to join a neighborhood Bunco group! I am super excited for it!

Leah actually rode a few rides!!
And she made me go down the slide with her... it was terrifying walking up those steps and then coming down with Leah! I kept thinking I was going to let go of her and she was just going to fall right off... Leah immediately said she wanted to go again when we got to the bottom.  Luckily we were out of ride tickets!

Awesome fair food!  BBQ Chicken Tacos, fresh salsa and celantro... amazing!  Beats those traditional fair food treats any day!
The girls begging for candy!  Leah now LOVES parades.  Matt was saying how he tried to explain what a parade was to Gracie, "Cars drive down the street and throw out candy." and he said he looked at him in amazement and said "Are you serious!?"   The girls loved it!

How Emily spent the day.... She just loved being outside all day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Miss Emily: 3 months

Last week, my baby turned 3 months old.

I definitely think I am a fan of the age.

Its like all of a sudden she figured out her hands better.

She is more aware of her surroundings.



Trying to roll over.

Just more awesome.

It seriously is ridiculous how fast time goes.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 13

The results are in....

1 Mile - 9:29 minutes
2 Miles - 19:42 minutes
3.1 Miles - 30:37 minutes

Definitely met my goal of under 32 minutes!

When I first heard them call out the time on my first mile I was SHOCKED!

The power of running with other people and trying to keep up!

When I heard the time at 2 miles I almost thought I could make it in 30 minutes...

But as I rounded the bend, and saw 30:13 on the clock I was sort of majorly bummed...

Next time!

There were 2 rather large hills in the course that I was not expecting...

So seriously, next time, 30 minute goal!

I already am planning on signing up for the Harvest Fest 5k Oct 13th.

(Another Eureka event... because I live in an awesome town!)

And a 3rd 5k, The Turkey Trout is planned for Thanksgiving... in Joplin Mo.

It will be a race among my family!

I think right now I think there are about 10 of us that plan on running it.


I lost another 2.6 lbs this week.

I seriously am not sure how I am really doing it....

I kind of stopped tracking my points.

I just try to aim for smarter food choices and eat much smaller portions.

I guess I am running alot....

And getting good work outs in.

Lets hope it continues...

10 lbs away from wedding/high school weight!

Ready to go 5k it up!

y awesome sister n law and best brother around sent me this awesome, Nike stay warm, running shirt for my birthday (along with another awesome dry fit shirt) and it came just in time for my 58 degree, windy, 8 am run!  

I LOVE it!  

I admit when I saw they bought me size Large I was a little nervous.  

But they fit great... 

I guess Sarah, who I havent seen since last December (OMG Is that true?!?!) knows my current size better than I do! ha! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 12

I was pretty shocked this week.

After losing 3 lbs last night I thought for sure this would be a minimal loss if at all...

But I some how pulled out a 2.2 lb loss.

43 lbs total so far.

This week I found a new running spot...

Route 66 State park.

Its near Leah's daycare so I visited it after dropping her off in the mornings before I start work on my WAH days.  (I hope to do a Life as a Working Mom: Working at Home post soon.)

Eureka is in the middle of working on a massive, city wide, trail system, which I hope I continue running, build up my distance, and can really take advantage of it some day!

Anyways, I can start at a city park, take the trail over to Route 66 park, and loop around the park once, and head back to my car for a nice 2.7 miles.

My goal this week is to do 2 loops around the park on Wednesday and make it 4.7 miles... we will see.

I slacked with 30 Day Shred this week.  ... I only have 6 more days.... I just have to get them in... soon!

Boot Camp at work started up.

Its no 30 Day Shred...

But it is a great workout.

Its nice to have an in person instructor there as well to correct my technique...

And other people around which makes my competitive side kick in...

Or make me realize that not only can I not jump, but I also am a horrible jump roper!

This week also consisted of my longest run to date...

Both on the treadmill and on land.

4.5 miles (4.75 with warm up and cool down) on the treadmill.

4.15 miles thru the neighborhood.

Food-wise... I had some successes and struggles.

Its my birthday week and my mother bought me this...


Its a Toasted Coconut Gooey Butter Cake and seriously the most amazing thing I have ever tasted.

I have had about a 4th of it... and plan to take the rest to work tomorrow so I can stop making myself sick on it.

This weekend Leah and I had a Mommy & Leah afternoon which consisted of my first real fast food meal and frozen yogurt.

I was very happy with my cheeseburger, small fries, and super small frozen cheesecake yogurt (with snickers, graham cracker crumbs, and white chocolate chips).

My tummy was not so happy with the fast food.

Hopefully its another 12.5 weeks before I have anymore.

I did indulged a bit more at a surprise party we attended, and had a few drinks...

But it probably was still less than what I would have eaten before I had this weight loss on my mind.

Hopefully I can continue to make wiser choices as I finish out my birthday week.

Saturday is the 5k and I am getting super excited just to see how I do.

I feel like I am preparing for my first game or something!



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