Wednesday, January 13, 2010

8 weeks!

Today is Leah's 8 week birthday!

I CANNOT believe its already been 8 weeks with Leah! She's 2 months on Monday!

On the 19th she goes to the doctor! I cant wait to see how big she has gotten and to see what the doctor has to say!

Any guesses on her weight and length? My prediction is 12 lbs 2 oz, 24.5 inches long. I dont feel like she has put on too much more weight, nor gotten too much longer in the past month, so part of me feels like I am over guessing here.

In development she is definitely getting smarter by the day! She is currently in LOVE with her mobile. She would happily lay under it all day long as long as she could be fed. She just loves watching the little fishies move by. Her hands are starting to open up too. Babies hands remain in tight fists until about 2 months when the start to loosen up so that the can begin to grab and explore their toys. Leah's right hand has relaxed, but her Left is still in a tight fist. Yesterday she was enjoying her Sophie some. I laid her on her chest, and Leah immediately found her ears to chew on, and would grab it with her right hand and move it around a bit, but she would always move her out of her mouth so she would get frustrated. She even got the toy to squeak once, but I think it scared her more than anything!

Brian has a new game to play with Leah too... when he comes home from work with cold hands, he likes to touch her cheeks and she her gasp. It seems cruel, but its really ADORABLE! Leah definitely loves her daddy!

Even though I am so excited to see Leah grow and get older, I am truly beginning to get sad about the 25th drawing near... I am dreading going to work.... mostly because I know I will never get to spend this much uninterrupted time with my baby girl ever again! :( From the 25th on it will just be little moments in the morning, evenings of feeding, bathing, and putting to bed, and weekends trying to have as much family time as possible. Its definitely depressing to think about! ... But... work = money which ultimately = a better house, a better school, and a better life for Leah.

Now its time to enjoy the next week and a half as much as we possibly can!!!!!

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