Sunday, January 24, 2010

ww online

Not that I already have enough to think about lately... I decided to join weight watchers online.

I stepped on the Wii Fit tonight and realized that I pretty much have not lost any more weight in last month! Leah is over 2 months old now.... I cant be one of those people that say "oh I still have the baby weight to lose" when she is a year old... so instead of letting it sit... I am doing something about it now.

I lost most of my weight before getting married with Weight Watchers... but I attended the meetings at work... This time around I am doing weight watchers online. I kind of hated the meetings, but I think the online will be nice. I can even keep track of everything on my phone to keep up with it all day plus their website is pretty cool! I just signed up for a 3 month thing... so heres to losing 10.... 20 lbs?! :)

Plus maybe making some healthier dinners will be good for Brian! ha!

So.... here I go...

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