Thursday, January 14, 2010

back to the place where we first met

Brian's cousin Jeff just welcomed a new baby girl, Selene! Of course Leah was eager to meet her new little friend, so we headed to the hospital!

Walking into the hospital, all of the wonderful memories of having Leah came flowing back to me. I dont think I ever really wrote about my whole labor experience (maybe soon so I dont forget it!) but it was WONDERFUL! So wonderful that I am eager to do it all again! Giving birth, seeing your baby for the first time, and spending those first few days together is efinitelysome of the happiest times in your life. I honestly cannot imagine ever being happier!

Seeing baby Selene brought on all new realizations as well! She was so little and perfect looking! I think there is just something so magical about new borns! They are juts so perfect! I like to think of Leah as my little new born still, but today I realized she no longer is...

She has grown leaps and bounds and is far from little! Selene is only a pound less than Leah was when she was born... just look at the pictures so see how far Leah has come! ...

This is Leah in their new born bassinets.... she just barely fit!!!

Look how different their heads are!!!!!
The Daddys and their girls!... so sweet!

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