Friday, January 15, 2010

Little Learners Academy

Today Leah and I stopped by the daycare she will be attending in 2 weeks (so sad) so we could meet the teachers and just get a little more comfortable.

Although it makes me completely sad, I enjoyed sitting there and letting the teachers know all of Leah's quirks so that they are prepared to watch her and keep her happy.

Leah seemed to enjoy the place as well. I laid her on the play mat on her belly and let her watch the other babies (5 other babies all about 5-7 months old, Leah will be the youngest by far... more attention for her then!) and then she rolled over from belly to back ...twice! She tried for a third time, but got stuck, and then mad.

I am doing Ok with the idea of her going to daycare... at the moment... but we will see how I feel when Feb 1st rolls around!

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