Friday, January 29, 2010


Yeah for Friday!!! I am almost done with my first week back to work!

Its been a pretty good one! Leaving Leah was hard, but its nice to come home to her! Being gone for 10 weeks leaves me alot of work to sort of catch up on, so my days are pretty busy and they seem to go by in a blink of an eye! Lets hope this keeps up!

We have also been pretty spoiled though having Brian's parents over to watch Leah. We will have a hard dose of reality next week I think!

I am up right now to prepare for it! ...

Leah had been waking up all week at 545, the same time MY alarm was going off. Its definitely not easy to feed her at the same time as trying to get in the shower and get dressed. We tried to have Brian feed her while I showered... but Leah thinks Daddy=playtime, so he can never get her to eat! She just smiles at him the whole time! Its adorable, but not too helpful! Luckily Brian's parents have been coming over around 615, so we could pass her off and we could get ready for work. Today however, they are letting us try to have a more typical morning and not coming over until after 7, after I leave for work!

Ideally, I plan to get up at 5, get Leah up, change her, feed her, get her back to sleep... and then I will get in the shower and get dressed and leave for work a little before 7. Brian will get up and get dressed, and just have to get Leah up, maybe get her dressed if I didnt already, remember all her stuff and take her to daycare.

This morning is going almost as planned ..... except Leah got up on her own this morning... at 420! So, we are 40 minutes ahead of schedule.... could be good... except I will be EXHAUSTED later! She was back to sleep by 5 till 5, but after being up for almost 40 minutes, I couldnt really fall back to sleep... so here I am... enjoying some me time before work I guess.

Well I am off to make me a cup of coffee (I LOVE MY KEURIG COFFEE MAKER!)

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