Monday, January 25, 2010

I survived

... but of course not without a few tears....

... all signs seemed to try to tell me that I should NOT be returning...

Saturday... I lost my phone.... I told Brian "I canNOT go to work Monday without my phone!"... but it was found... turns out I put it on the trunk of my car!... my wonderful father n law (aka Mr Fix-it aka Mr Find-it aka Mr Clean) found it for me before I got the chance to drive off and lose it forever.

Sunday... I lost my keys....again I thought it was a sign... I shouldnt be needing to drive to work....I actually didnt even find them before work this morning... again, they were found today by my father n law! He has a magic ability to find my missing things! They were in the couch which I PROMISE I looked thru....

Then today... Monday... the dreaded first day back.... I get to work, after tears when I got out of the shower, when I pulled Leah out of her crib and gave her a bottle, while I got dressed, when I left, when I drove to work, when I parked my car, and then a few while at work.... I tried to turn on my computer and nothing... it was dead. What more of a sign could there have been that I should not be at work?.. I called the help desk... and 2 hrs later had a new computer.

Turns out the day wasnt too horrible. The first 2 hrs of just sitting and talking with friends with nice. I thought about Leah alot during the morning, but by the afternoon, after going thru 2600 emails, I was doing alot better. It is kind of nice to have adult conversation again, but by 4 oclock I was eager to get home and see my baby girl!

Thanks alot to my great in-laws, I came home to a clean house and dinner already made. I am going to be spoiled after this week! All night I just played with Leah, and she is now sleeping soundly in bed.... which is now calling my name!

After the first day... I think I can do this... I just need to make sure I get some sleep!

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