Thursday, May 20, 2010

check up time

18 lbs 6 oz - 90th percentile
28 & 1/8th inches long - 98th percentile
head 42 cm? - 40th percentile
No shots because she has an ear infection again!

All week I knew something was going on with Leah... she had a little fever Monday, has been sleeping horribly all week, crabby, and just not herself... sure enough, its another ear infection. The doctor agreed she thinks taking Leah out of daycare this summer should help her get past all of this! Lets hope so!!

In other news... Leah has graduated to stage 2 foods... much more fun choices! .... she can start using a sippy cup and drinking water... no juice yet... around 8 months she can start eating table scraps (sounds so funny!) the Gerber puffs, crackers, and such.... She's getting so big!!

And we were instructed to start baby proofing the house because she is pretty sure Leah will be mobile soon! We actually already started this past weekend though! ha!

I definitely thing Leah is at an awesome age right now. Its so fun to see her discovering new things, learning to control her body, tasting new foods, giggling and "talking" up a storm.... She is just fun!

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