Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Test day

In 2 hours I start my test!! I am eager to take it.... I am hoping it goes well! ... duh... of course I am! (I really didnt need to write that huh?)

Last night I wasnt so crazy... Brian did make me drink a beer though to relax some... and then sent me to bed and told me I had to go to sleep.

I am so scatter brained though that I forgot about GLEE yesterday!!! Luckily I was flipping channels and found it on half way through. I cannot believe I forgot! I will have to watch it again online!

I love that show! It just makes me happy!

Steve... can that be one of my things for myself? I have the first season on DVD... I might just have to watch it over and over to calm down my anxiety though... ha. Oh well!

Alright... almost time to leave... chug some red bull, and pass this test!!

*** Redbull totally makes me concentrate before a test or hard studying! I couldnt drink it last time because I was pregnant... maybe that is why I didnt pass...

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