Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Emails between me and a fellow actuary friend after lunch today… Jania takes her exam Thursday.

Me: i feel gross after eating that steak n shake.... and I smell like fries...

Jania: Me too. It was really greasy and the fries were old. I threw mine out. Print out your exam ticket right now.

Me: Yes it was!! Lets hope I can stay late to study now! ha! I did!! and I checked to make sure that Maryville is still the testing center!

Jania: Nice. I hope Maryville is still my testing center. I never check that.

Me: It is! no worries! I just had a thought of walking into there and finding no one and finding out they moved across town and then I didnt have time to get there.... and then I would be screwed!

Jania: I've had several exam nightmares like that. Usually I forget my calculator lol.

Me: we are so weird...

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