Monday, May 24, 2010

random thoughts

Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I actually had to grocery shop for a weeks worth of meals! It has been forever since Brian and I have both been home at reasonable times and are able to share a reasonable dinner together 5 days in a row! Brian was either in tax season, out of town, or I was staying late to study. This week its back to being normal!!

I think good things are right around the corner! Lets all think good/happy thoughts!

Leah woke up SCREAMING last night! For about 10 minutes straight she just yelled and yelled and 1 am. The funny thing is she wouldnt even open her eyes! Just screamed. Brian eventually got up as well...She opened her eyes for him... He held her for a bit, let her sit up, (since she has been able to sit up she seems to be rebelling and refusing to lay down) we changed her diaper, she tried to talk to us but we reminded her that it was not an appropriate play time, Brian gave her a bottle (we havent had a middle of the night bottle in weeks) and then I finally rocked her back to sleep. It was just ridiculous!

My husband is turning 30 on Wednesday! We had a "surprise" party for him yesterday at the park. He knew about it... he opened my mail and saw my reservation for the park and then I left the balloon stationary in the printer when he went to print off his boarding passes... oops! It was a good time... but WAY too hot! Happy birthday hubby!

My baby sister is officially graduated from High School!! I admit I am excited for her to become an adult... I hope I can stop babying her and trying to be a parent to her and start seeing our relationship turn into more of equals like it has with me and my parents or me and my brother. I am sure this will not be over night... it will take maybe a few more years as she finds herself and becomes the woman she is... and it will take me a little while to stop being such an overprotective big sister.... but I look forward to having a wonderful sisterly/best friend relationship with her for the rest of our lifes!

I cant believe its almost Summer time!! Time is flying by!!

Remember how it took forever for us to find out that Leah was a girl because she always had her legs glued together.... its a trait she still has! Whenever you stand her up her feet are always side by side, criss-crossed, or one on top of the other. It might take her a while to learn to walk just because she never separates her legs! Maybe she will just hop everywhere! She does love to jump! She always thinks she is in her own imaginary jumperoo.

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