Thursday, May 27, 2010

Im offended!

One of my coworkers made the comment to me today that HE thought that I had a baby too early and that I should have waited.

I was offended!

What was I supposed to wait for?

I went away to college, had my fun and crazy times, lived on my own, in an apartment with roommates, made mistakes, learned from my mistakes, have spent time traveling, been to 3 different continents, multiple countries, got a degree, have a job, have no debt, met the love of my life, got married, have a house, and created a home....

Am I missing something? What else was I supposed to do before having a child and becoming a mom?

Maybe HE is referring to the fact that I am not where I want to be in my career.... sure, I want a new job... I want to be challenged and use my full potential..... but I am a WOMAN... my life goal is not to be a CEO... if I fall alittle short in my career, I will by no means call it a failure. My life/career goal to be an amazing Mom and to raise amazing kids. You can ask anyone who has known me growing up, I have always done well with kids, I always babysat, and I have always wanted to be a mom. Is that wrong?

Brian and I talk about this alot... as a male, he thinks caring for his family means financially. Making sure he can make enough to give his family everything they can possibly want, that we are financially stable and never have to struggle. My dad was the exact same way! As a woman, we think caring for a family means emotional and physically... helping them grow and teaching them. Maybe you wont have enough money, but love is all you need right? I know all I need is my husband and my daughter and I WILL have a wonderful, perfect life!

I have come to realize that life throws your curve balls and it never goes just like you planned.... this can definitely be seen in my career.... For the past year I have been promised a new position..... but here I sit still in the same one.... yes its frustrating.... but I know I wont be in this position for the next 40 years... I will get moved and a better job someday...I know change is just around the corner... and I welcome it.... but I DO NOT think that having a baby has caused this!

I do not regret bringing Leah into this world and I NEVER will! I do not think I have missed a single thing.... but instead... I have spent my whole life waiting for Leah to arrive! Now life has finally began!

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