Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sleep Update

Leah's sleeping habits change weekly!

She is doing great unswaddled now... and she usually sleeps on her stomach.

Last week she had a few nights of sleeping through the night, and then a few nights of getting up once. Wonderful!

This week... she has started rolling in her sleep.... which she does not know she is doing and it makes her mad very mad! The past few nights I have been woken up multiple times just so I could go in her room and flip her back over. I look forward to her getting even more contol of her body and being able to roll her self back over on her own!

Her sitting up is getting pretty good as well and she now says "dada" repeatedly... not just "da" pause "da" pause "da".... she still doesnt know what she is saying though! We decided we would call Brian Dada so that she can maybe comprehend, Brian means dada.... but we will see....

In a week... Leah has her 6 MONTH CHECK UP!! Holy cow!!

Any guesses on her weight and height?

My guess is..... 17 lb 8 oz and 28.5 inches.

To help with your guess... she is finally fitting in the age appropriate clothes... She is almost 6 months and wearing 6-9 month clothes perfectly.

Let me know your guess! Maybe there will be a reward for whoever guess closest.... the reward will be.... babysitting Leah!? Leah hugs and kisses!? Sweet reward huh?

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