Saturday, May 29, 2010

more random thoughts

Fisher Price Jumperoos are the greatest things ever! Leah has been jumping for the past half hour as I just sit on the couch and zone out!

Today was a pretty perfect day! Up early, Leah had a mid morning nap while Brian mowed the lawn and I picked up a bit, we went to lunch where Leah sat in a high chair (she loved it!) We went to the park and swung and went down slides, and walked around, we went to the meat market, we went swimming next door (Leah is a fan!), Brian is now BBQing dinner, the rest of the evening will be spent relaxing and watching a movie.... see... perfect day!

I decided the first 3 months of parenthood are definitely HARD! .... its still not easy, but atleast we know that Leah is surviving and growing.

Memorial Day weekend is always wonderful! Everyone is always just so excited for summer time!!

Remember how I said I wanted to wear a certain dress to my sisters graduation? I didnt wear it... I didnt even try it on... I just knew it wouldnt work... I may be at my prepregnancy weight, but my body is just shaped so completely different!!

I havent had my hair cut, or my eyebrows waxed, since January.... everytime I remember to call and make an appointment, its a Sunday or Monday and they are closed... My hair is getting kind of long... I cant decided if I want to let it keep growing out, or chop it off... why as girls do we always go through this tough decision!?!

I have tons of more thoughts going thru my head.... but like I said Brian is BBQing and I need to get started on my part of dinner... otherwise we will just be having steak for dinner...

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