Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh life...

I have been a little slacking in the world of blogging... atleast slacking compared to my usual habits.....

Life has been busy lately.... and finally, after next Wednesday, life will hopefully slow down a little bit.

The day I returned to work from maternity leave, was the same day that Brian started his busy season. Tax season might have ended, but his traveling has continued. This is his second week out of town in a row, and hopefully his last week for alteast a month!

My test is next wednesday!!! I just want to take it and get it over with! I wont find out my results till early July but those will be 8 wonderful weeks. I cant do any study because I wont know what to study... MFE again (please no!!)... or MLC. There wont be any "I should be studying" in the back of my head while I am lazy and just lay on the couch. ... or by the pool, I hope!

Leah is officially a 2 toothed kid... and I have to say, it makes her about 10 times cuter than she was before! Those teeth are just so stinking cute!!

We only have a month left at Little Learners Academy. I have to admit, when Brian started talking about our summer plans and who was watching Leah when, I got almost nervous/sad that we would be taking Leah out of daycare. I know she loves to watch all the kids, I am finally getting used to the people and I know they really love Leah and take good care of her. ... but then this morning, I felt a little better about ending her time there. Usually when we drop her off, one of the workers runs over and takes her from me and just holds her for a while. Well this morning we walk in and the worker is holding a itty bitty 6 week old baby girl. Leah is no longer the youngest there, nor the only one that can't sit up yet on her own. I admit, I didnt know what to do with Leah... all the toys were put away still (it was 645am) I didnt know if I should put her in a jumper or swing, or what! I knew if I just laid her on the play mat she would start screaming as it was early and she was still sleepy. All I knew was to hand her over for someone else to hold her! ... we finally got out a bumbo seat for her, and there she sat as I told her she now had competition for being held all the time! June 4th will be her last day... then a summer with Grandmas and then August she starts the famous Goddard!

Brian turns 30 in 3 weeks! My hubby is getting OLD! ha..

I have given up hope of being moved to the Actuarial department as promised.... Vanliner Insurance Company is being sold.... hence the wait on moving me... it will become official June 30th... It will definitely be an interesting next 2 months with hopefully positive things coming out of all of this... but only time will tell...

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