Sunday, November 14, 2010

1st Birthday Extravaganza

We did it!  Leah's first birthday extravaganza was a success!  We had a few nerve racking when our HOT food was delivered at 1;00 pm instead of 3:00pm, or what I began to feel clostraphobic when I realized there were way too many people in our little house.... but everything was truely wonderful!

Leah napped wonderfully before the big event! I was so pleased! She was well rested and I got everything done! Our guests arrived, they visited, they ate, they commented on how yummy our "HOT" sandwiches tasted cold, we opened presents, Leah was completely spoiled, Leah ate and destroyed her cake, she was put in the tub and cleaned off, and then she played in her birthday suit and princess crown! 

I dont think it could have been better!  I loved having everyone celebrate in the life of my beautiful daughter!  I cant wait to celebrate it over and over again!

And now for the pictures...

Wreath made by my sister-n-law
Cupcakes made by my sister ...and monthly pictures of Leah.

Banner made by ME!  I dont outsource everything.

Birthday Girl in her Birthday Throne

A doll made by Leah's Great-Great-Grandma

Family Photo-Op 

Just dug a whole...keeping it clean...

Then she decided..."Screw that!"....oh so we never forget...I have to say, her poop today has been PINK! haha!

Me and my neice Jenna. I cant believe Leah was once this little!

What a difference 46 weeks makes!

The Princess waving Good Bye to all her guests

Being sure to play with as many toys at once.... riding the turtle, while talking on the phone, and vacuuming.


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