Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Cavities Here!

At Leah's 1 year check up, the Doctor mentioned that Leah needed to start brushing her 10 teeth!   Yes 10!  2 top molars are currently pushing thru and man have they made for one crabby little girl!  So this morning Daddy and her grabbed their tooth brushes and brushed their teeth together!  (I did not, as I MUST brush my teeth the minute I get out of bed, and someone had to take pictures!)

Uh, she loves it!   I could not get the tooth brush away from her!  Last night as I was putting her in the bath she spotted her pink and purple toothbrush on the sink and started freaking out over it.   

Dont worry, I did grab it once and give them a good scrub for her.

Beautiful teeth here we come!


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