Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Believe

... people when they say "Dont buy kitchen chairs with fabric on them."  Our table is beautiful but we will be buying new chairs in the future.   Baby + cats = ruinned.

... in hardwood floors in the house instead of carpet.  We will also be needing to replace our carpets now because they are also stained from the baby.  Random spit up, shaking her bottles, and managing to open "child proof" medicine bottles have not been nice to our house...    Hardwood floors could just be swept and mopped....

...that I have the hardest time studying  the day before an exam! I just need to take it already! I cannot learn anything more!!  Why try!?


... colds sucks.

... my baby has turned into a little girl.   She can sit at the table to eat (with the help of the highchair) and is beginning to walk more and more!  Oh and see that grown up pony tail? Not so Pebbles anymore...

... my body does NOT handle stress well.   Not sleeping, catching a cold, migraines, ... the list goes on.

... My mommy is awesome! She knows I am stressed to the max, and left me a message this morning to check my front porch later!  Hmmm what could it be!?!  Oh she also just sent me my birthday card in the mail the other day... my birthday was 2 months ago, but she lost the card she bought... and just found it! It made my day when I got it in the mail!

... I also have amazing in-laws.   They are watching Leah tonight so I can study all night (No I really will study tonight because I will start freaking out) and get a good night of sleep!  

... and most importantly... I believe I will past my test tomorrow!   MFE... you are going down! I never want to see you agian!

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  1. Good luck on your test! And congrats on the in-laws. A good support system is SO wonderful.



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