Friday, November 5, 2010

Test Day!

Its here!!  

I slept great last night! (Thank you Larry & Penny! I hope you can say the same!) 

I am feeling pretty good about it.... I know I need to read questions slowly and fully, and skip any that I dont immediately have a solution/way to answer.

My moral is high....

Mostly because I received some AMAZING news yesterday, that I just can't fully share yet....

So Monday, watch out for the great news!!!

On a sadder note... my Aunt had open heart surgery, very unexpectantly, yesterday.   She got thru it, but it will still be a few days in the ICU, and a while recovering!   It breaks my heart to hear about this.  I know my Aunt is a very strong woman, and will get better, but I am not ready to enter this stage of life....

Ok... Happy times ahead! 

Now off to conquer a test!


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