Monday, November 29, 2010

Part 3 - Career

Obviously, if my life was a book...

Part 1 - Childhood
Part 2 - Love and Family (getting married and starting a family)
Part 3 - Career

I am about to begin my new career, and I honestly thought I would be freaking out about it a little more.   I still have the thoughts in my head like "What if its super super hard and I fail miserably?" Honestly, I dont think I have ever been tested mentally (besides my exams) and I think I am about to be.    School was not a challenge at all and my old job was easy-peazy.  Add in the fact that I have always been one of the top people (school, sports, work) and here I am about to enter a place where everyone is as smart as me, if not more.  When I went out to lunch on my interview, one of the guys had a law degree, and the other had an engineering degree.   Its intimidating.   ... But I honestly am ready to challenge myself.  See what I am really worth.

I should today, but today wsa my grandmother's funeral.   I guess her funeral is the reason why my freak-out has been put on the back burner.   Plus, I already adore my boss.   Before even starting I had to call him.  The first conversation went a little like this:

Me:  Hi Chris, this is Kim Gilmore!
Chris: Hiiiiiiiiiii Kim!!
Me:  So............... I havent even started, and I already need time off.

He is already acting like the ideal boss!   He is completely understanding and I will begin Tuesday!   He said that whatever I needed, we would work with.   He totally could have been a jerk, given me some attitude, but he didnt!   He made a great first impression.   He makes me realize that I will have great, friendly people around me, and I can do this!  

Plus my friend Jania started today as planned and she said her first day went great!!   I hope I get to say the same!!

Stay tuned!


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