Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Sigh of Relief

I am so glad Friday is over, and I now have 8 weeks to be free of studying and stressing out!

I honestly cant say how my test went... The minute I left I completely forgot everything about it! I could not even tell you a single question!   I think this is a good thing... I am not stressing about any problems that stumped me and I am just feeling really free from the stress!

Now that I am so FREE... my to-do list has grown!

1. Birthday bash is NEXT weekend!!   I need to seriously sit down and figure out what all I need to do still... I know I need to finish Leah's outfit... buy some silverware.... and yeah thats all I can think of right now, but I know there is much much more!
2. Read some good books!   I try not to touch a book during study time... if I have time to sit and read a book, I should be studying in that time instead.   A good book is just too tempting.   So PLEASE recommend some amazing ones!   I am not a fan of murder mystery, or anything too crazy... I like books I can relate too!  
3. Finish Leah's bedroom furniture in time for Christmas so we can buy ourselves a new computer and set it up in her future room.
4. Get working on Christmas shopping!!
5. Clean out closets, and pack up some more of Leah's baby stuff.

And I am sure I will find lots of other things to do!

Now Im off to get started!


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