Monday, October 1, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 16

Down another 2 lbs this week.

I am officially at my pre mommy weight.

Also lighter than what I came home from our honeymoon at.

(After wedding dieting, I did some damage at that all inclusive Jamaican resort!)

I am also only 9 lbs away from being classified as having a "healthy" BMI.

I do not necessarily agree with the BMI rating as someone who is buff the stuff could be classified as obese...

But it would be darn nice to have that "heathly" label.

Otherwise, I am pretty happy with where I am weight loss wise.

If I lose more, awesome...

But if not, I have been this size since I was about 14...

Half my life.

I am comfortable with it.

I have lots of clothes that fit.

My new goals are no longer weight loss related... 

New goals are running related!

1. Under 30 minute 5k. 
2. Run a 10k. Preferably in less than 1 hr 15 minutes. 
3. Run a half marathon sometime in the next year. 

Hopefully I can check off number 1 Oct 13th at the Harvest Moon 5k. 

Brian heard that the run, which is at night, is directed by pumpkins carved with arrows and lit with candles. 

I am excited! 

Number 2 shouldn't be too hard.  

Last night I ran 4.22 miles at a 10:26 minute pace. 

I was feeling awesome and easily thought I could go on for another 20 minutes. 

But it was getting dark... 

And I ran past my house with Brian and the girls sitting on the front porch, waiting for my return.... 

Just need to find a 10k so I have that deadline to get it done by! 

Goal number 3 will take a bit more planning as I know the time to train will be a bit harder with 2 little ones and my studying increasing soon. 

My bff, a personal trainer, already told me she will run it with me I just have to tell her when. 

I think I will reward myself with some nice, fitted, running shoes in the spring if I survive the winter and still running like I am. 

The colder weather will be my first test to see how committed I am to this new hobby of mine... 



  1. Congrats girl. That is awesome:) Great goals too. The Harvest Moon 5K sounds super fun.

  2. This is so great. Congrats. I officially was okayed to begin working out last Wednesday. (Since I had a C-Section.) I really should do something like this on my blog. I need the motivation!

    1. Do it!! And the C25K program is awesome... I know quite a few new mommas that lost 30 lbs doing it... that is about what I did too!

  3. Loving your goals. I am worried about nursing and working out post baby, are you nursing? Am I crazy?

    1. No way jose! I envy any and all who can... I had a horrible time with my first and just skipped it this time around.

  4. For some reason I can't reply above... I did Couch to 5k before. It's the plan. Along with adding in 30 Day Shred. I started today slow. Just walking and running off and on. I pushed myself to see what I could do. (since I did not work out a single time while pregnant...shame shame!)

  5. P.S. You should totally make this so that people could link up. I bet a lot of other mommy bloggers would! ;o)

  6. Next week I will Katie!.. get prepared!

  7. Awesome! Guess I'm going to have to learn how to link up...LOL! ;o)



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