Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sunday Funday

The weather has been perfect lately so we had to head to the zoo for some quality family time!

My sister n law and niece joined us as they needed to get out of the house while the hubby/daddy worked on the deck.
Emily's first visit!  She barely made a peep the entire 5 hrs we were there! 

Most of the time she spent passed out like this.. 

Leah was a crazy thing that wanted to jump and skip constantly. It looked exhausting! ... yet she only napped for the 30 minute car drive home! 

Im not sure why I lean over so much... I guess Leah is getting so big (41 lbs!) that I really need to stick that hip out to hold her up. 

Yeah, we spent alot of time watching the elephant family... so cute! 

And this is where I died.... Leah jumped up on this rock, asked to have her picture taken, and then posed like this!  Little model diva working her angles! 

A nice new family picture...

We thought it would be cute to have the girls take pictures together with the pumpkins. (It was Oktoberfest at the zoo.  Brian was excited bc he could get a braut for lunch.) But this is how it turned out... almost 2 and almost 3 year olds are difficult. 

Leah and Jenna are totally BFFs.  Cant wait till Em gets older and can hang out with them.  Leah and Em are 2 years apart in school, with Jenna right in between them. 



  1. Hey! Were you at the St. Louis zoo, by any chance? I think I have asked you before if you are from STL.

    Anyway, I love Leah's diva pose and your family photo. You look great, lady!



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