Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I Wore Tuesday: Week 5

I am actually back in the office today!

I kind of have this wonderful new problem where almost all my clothes are too big for me...

Except for some really old items.

Like this dress, it is 6 years old!

And it's fitting me MUCH looser than it ever has. 

Dress: Banana Republic 2006
Belt: Target... also many years old!

Here is my in the dress in Nov 2006 at a friends wedding. I remember the dress being tight to a point of buttons popping open at times!   Definitely no fear of that today!
Rain Coat: Eddie Bauer

I realized that all my coats were also too large so I ventured over to my mom's and asked if she had any older jackets around she would want to donate to me.

(my mom is like me and has a love of coats so I knew she had plenty!) 

This jacket I have always eyed... I was so excited when she actually brought it out for me to try on!! 

Luckily it fit my broad shoulders and long enough for my arms too!! SCORE!!

I won a $10 credit to the Style Simplicity shop on etsy last week! At $6 dollars, I LOVE these earrings! Im a studs kind of girl, not a big danglie earring wearer so they are right up my alley!  You can pretty much buy them in any color!  ... I also bought a necklace that hopefully I will show you all soon.

And I mentioned before how my mom and I have similar pictures at age 22....

Here we are... both in our black shirt dresses!



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