Monday, October 8, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 17

First off...

Down another 2.2lbs.

I ran two 5 mile runs this week at a pace of 10:30 or lower.

Once on the treadmill, once on land.

And twice I ran 5Ks at 9:15 minute paces (well under 30 minutes!) ...

But they were both on the treadmill.

This Saturday is my next 5k and you can bet your butt I am going to be under 30 minutes!

I have new motivation...

A heavy competition is brewing between my brother and I.

I had mentioned before that my family plans to run a 5k at Thanksgiving...

My sister n law told my brother yesterday how I ran 5 miles Saturday.

So my brother had to head out and run 5 miles.

And then he beat my pace by a minute!

Then we chatted on the phone and he was asking me questions about my training...

Am I running sprints?

Doing barefoot work?

He's nuts!

He rides his bike to work, is very active and is in pretty good shape...

This picture cracks me up! 

But this is also him.... 


And I have about 6 more weeks to do it!

You can read his blog HERE where he discusses our future race.



  1. You go girl - you are doing AWESOME. A little sibling competition always ups the game. I am going to have to check out his blog:) Happy Monday.

    1. He is an awesome writer... moved to Seattle and him and his wife do too many fun things... the complete opposite of us and the suburban life with kids!

  2. Just found your blog...LOVE finding other STL bloggers! Congrats on all your hard work...loosing baby weight is HARD!! It took me 2 years! Keep up the good work!

  3. Love the sibling competition motive! Keep it up girl!!

  4. Way to go!! So how much have you lost overall?
    And you can totally whip your brother in that race! Great motivation!!

    1. Around 53 lbs I think... but my highest weight is starting from the day I came home from the hospital with my 2nd baby. So I lost like 25 lbs or something like that in the first 3 weeks I think. Since then I have lost on average 2 lbs per week. Right now I am 20 lbs under my pre pregnancy weight.



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