Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Officially signed up for the Go St. Louis half marathon!!!!

$75.55 to run 13.1 miles seems CRAY-ZEEE but I am pumped!!!!

Official training begins Jan 14th... not sure how I will fit in all the mileage  but like my brother said "Just sign up, figure that shit out later!" 

Spoken like a great big brother! 

Things are just coming together today... 

I some how convinced Brian's 2 cousins to run with me. 1 cousin, Kaitlin has been running 5ks for a while now and wanted this push to keep going.  The other cousin, Kelly, is using it as a push to start from scratch! Talked to her this morning and she has ran 3 times since Friday night when I talked to her first about it! Go Kelly!!   I think it will be an awesome experience to train together (although we are all pretty far away from each other, we can text!) and then experience this first together! 

And, a neighbor friend told me about a new Eureka Ladies Running club that will be meeting on Saturday mornings around town to run together.  This Saturday, 7:00am, Berry Park... CANNOT WAIT! 

Then this week Leah actually brought home pictures from daycare that I could tell what they were!!!! 

Obviously these are Octopuses   But if you ask her, she will call them Octopuses one minute, and "Squishies" the next.  Maybe she is thinking Squids?  The red one even has 8 tentacles. Smart girl. 

(Side note... Leah can count 1-10 in Spanish way better than she can in English.  It cracks me up!)

And my favorite.... The people!! 

She said they were wearing shirts and pants and shoes. 



  1. Those drawings are terrific! I can't wait till Laura starts drawing recognizable things... She's still very much in the scribbled lines that are all identical to me phase.

  2. How exciting on the 1/2 marathon! My son came home with similar pictures this week. Great feeling, huh?



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