Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What I Wore Tuesday: Week 3

Sweatshirt: Alpine Design - Gift from my in-laws for Christmas a few years ago. 
Shirt: REI - Awesome dry fit shirt that was also a gift for my birthday from my brother and sister n law.
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Asics 

Surprise!  I am working from home today... although I could certainly wear this to work if I wanted.  

My office is very causal.  I just usually prefer to actually get dressed more when I head to the office. 

Emily has her 4 month check up this afternoon and I have a dentist appointment so there was no point in driving 30 miles into the office. 

Typically my work at home attire resembles this but sweatpants instead of jeans... 

But since I would be seeing others today I figured jeans were appropriate. 


  1. You are looking skinny mini, lady! ;o)

    1. Thanks girlie! Just back to my old-usual weight from hs, college, and wedding... sorry I forgot to do a link up... hopefully I can figure it out next week!

  2. I love Banana - those jeans look so good on you. I hope the 4 month appt goes well. Did I ever tell you I love that mirror - well I do:) Happy Tuesday.

    1. Thanks lady! It is a mirror in our guest bedroom that I have had forever. My mom is a painter and did the mirror for my bedroom when I was probably 15. I have a chair that matches too.



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