Monday, October 29, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 20

First order of business... 

Down another 1.8 lbs this week. 

It still amazes me. 

I forgot to mention before... 

The last 5k I ran... 

The Harvest Moon 5k, at an official time of 28:22.... 

Earned me first place in the female 20-29 year old group. 

(No I was not the only one in my age group!)

Leah loves my medal
I was the 20th finisher over all.  

Besides the under 18 gals that pretty much ran the show, the only women to beat me were a 50 year old and a 52 year old.... 

I hope that's me some day!  

Beating all the youngins! 

My uncle is 52 and runs half marathons. 

He calls himself the fastest fat boy and the only person that can run half marathons and not lose any weight. 

My brother says he does it just so he can drink more beer. 

No problem in that! 

This past week I felt good and got my running back in a place where I want it. 

Twice I did 2 mile runs on the treadmill at work at 8:40 paces. 

Then I did an awesome 10k on Friday, in perfect weather! 

I pretty much stink at pacing myself... 

I remember that 3rd mile, some good songs game on... 

I was so happy with my run and feeling completely confident that I can run a half marathon in the spring! 

I even convinced Brian's cousins, Kaitlin and Kelly to try to do it with me! 

But then Saturday morning hit... 

And OMG the pain in my foot!! 

Its kind of on the outside, middle part of my foot. 

It mainly hurts only when I walk, or go upstairs. 

From my googling I think its either a tendon... 

Or I need new shoes. 

I really want to go get fitted and get nice running shoes but the timing is not the greatest... 

My husband keeps us on a pretty strict budget... 

And right now of course its time to buy Birthday presents for Leah, traveling for Thanksgiving, and Christmas shopping... 

Oh and I really need to go to the eye doctor for new contacts and glasses... 

And I really want to sign up for the half by Wednesday... 

So 100+ dollars on shoes does not seem THAT needed.... 

I bought new insoles for my current shoes to see if it would help a bit... 

I know I tend to walk on the outsides of my feet. 

Thats always were my shoes get worn down. 

So I am hoping just re-cushioning my shoes will make them hurt less. 

I am going to give it a try... with a few days rest. 

Otherwise, Fleet Feet, here I come! 

Also... its kind of killing me to take a few days off to rest my foot... 

I was getting back to good times and only have 3.5 weeks till my big family race!! 

Please feet, stop hurting, and let me run lots starting Wednesday! 


  1. YAY.. on the weight loss and the finish. So cool. AND.. I know I am still not signed up for the half - but I NEED TO STAT!

  2. I know the whole money thing sucks, but new shoes are probably what you need. My left shin and ankle have been hurting horribly and I know it was due to old and awful shoes. I went to a running store on Saturday and got evaluated and was recommended a super comfy and supportive pair of Brooks....$110. Better to spend the money now on shoes than on surgery or whatever in the future! :) I read that a pair of running shoes should be switched every 500 miles in order to work and support the way they're supposed to!
    Good luck! And way to go on first place in your age bracket!! And your consistent weight never ceases to amaze me (and make me jealous as I've been at my plateau for well over a month!)

    1. Thanks girl! The weight loss surprises me too always! ... and I think I will be headed for some new shoes. My mother n law reads this and already emailed me that she will buy them as an early xmas present if I want. Although I feel better buying them myself, I know I need them. I have probably put in 300 miles in my current pair and they were cheap ones... its time and I need to reward my hard work!

  3. Almost two more pounds down!! Pat yourself on the back. :) And I am so impressed with your 5k time... and that you finished under 30 minites. You are a rock star!



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