Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's Talk Tattoos


My fellow STL mommy, Goddard school lover, runner, and blogger, Melanie, is hosting a link up on her blog where we are supposed to discuss Tattoos.

I haven't put my view of tattoos out there in the universe lately so I thought it would be fun to write about...

I have one.

If you noticed from my "What I Wore Tuesday" posts I have a star & moon painted mirror.  Its from old bedroom at my parents.  My room was a star and moon theme. Something I have loved since I was a young teen, and I still love.

Something about a star...

Its my favorite shape.

That sounds ridiculous...

Maybe its the mathematical elements in the shape...

How the angles have to be perfect for the star to be perfect...

I always wanted a simple star tattoo... on my right hip.

The day after I turned 18 I got it.

A few months later, the addiction of tattoos was calling and I added another star to it.

I loved it.

But admit I often, and still do, forget that its there.
A very small glimpse of it on our honeymoon.... 

Then I got pregnant...
First pregnancy, 10 weeks along... already starting to round out. 
 From the picture you can see where this is going...

I carried my babies way out front.

I was giagantic with both.

The star's black outlining now sports some stretch marks thru them.

I will not be showing you pictures of their current state...

I do not regret my tattoo, just maybe the placement.

I even consider getting another.

Something with the girls, and numbers.

Maybe our anniversary and their birthday days in roman numerals...


(21 18 6)

My favorite days.

On my wrist...

In white, or pale pink.

Something that might not be visible to all, but there.

Marked on my body forever.

There is something about that I really like.

But I want to wait till we are done having kids before I get anything.

People who put their first kids name on their wrist or something crack me up.

What are they going to do when they have more?

Is it going to be a list going down their arm?

I like tattoos.

But I think they should mean something.

Simple is key in my book.

My sister has brought up getting a tattoo many times.

I usually tell her no...

Not because I am against them, but because whatever she is listing as what she wants to get I know is not something important or meaningful to her...

Its something she will probably regret in 5 years.

I tell her she needs to think about it more...

And I will be sure she does not put it on her hip.


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  1. Awww I love it - so small and cute. I love that star and moon mirror you have and now I see that you love stars - SO COOL. I am so glad you linked up today my fellow St. Louis mama:) Happy Tuesday.



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