Monday, October 15, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 18

First order of business...

Another 2.4 lbs loss.

Officially below wedding weight!

Officially 55 lbs lots in 18 weeks. 

18 weeks since we brought Miss Emily home from the hospital! 

Holy Moly!

I ate a ridiculous amount of candy corn this week...

I guess running does my body good.

***Update:  My blood test came back normal.  I have started taking a daily vitamin and I have been feeling alot better. ***

It was a goal breaking week...

I ran 6 miles last Monday!

And in 1 hr and 2 minutes!

That goal of running a 10k in under 1 hr 15 minutes pretty much will happen asap!

Ran the Harvest Moon 5k Saturday evening...

In 28:35!!

I was feeling mighy proud of that time...

Dropped 2 minutes in 5 weeks.

Until my brother ran a 5k Sunday morning in 28:08!

That stinker!

So last night I went out and ran 2 miles with Leah, the 41 lb kid, in the stroller.

The first mile was at 10 minutes, and the 2nd mile was around 11!

She's HEAVY!

We will have to do it more often.

I just let my phone play music for us both to enjoy...

She loved dancing along.

And viewing all the neighborhood Halloween decor.  

I also decided to seriously consider running the Go St. Louis half marathon in April.

I already ran 6 miles at once....

What's another 7.1?

This is probably the only time I will be able to put in the effort to train for the next 3-5 years.

I am in the middle of modules, with no exams until October next year.

When its exam season, hours spent running just cannot happen.

This spring is about my only open window.


Spring = tax season.

Brian working late nights.

Brian working Saturdays.

Limited family time.

Do I really want to suck up Sundays running rather than actually being a family of 4?

My only option really is to depend on grandparents to watch the girls Saturday mornings while I go for the long runs.

Running around their houses may be a nice change.

I talked to Brian about it and all he said was "I wont tell you yes or no. Just think about it for a bit first."

I want to decide soon since the price of the run goes up Oct 31st...

Oh decisions decisions...


  1. Wow! You are amazing!!! You must be super fast to run like that! I can only dream...

  2. DO IT!!!!!! :)
    And way to go on all the accomplishments!

  3. sign up for that half. figure out that other shit later.



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