Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spoon Fed Fail

I decided to attempt Emily's first solid feeding today.

Lately if we have food around her she tries to dive and grab it.

I guess baby cereal is not as enticing.

I do not believe she ate any of it.

It would go in, and come right back out.

Leah was very excited for Emily to get to eat something other than a bottle...

I even caught her pretending to feed Em with a spoon later in the day.

But Leah might have been a little bummed about all the attention being on Emie.

She was drinking a yoohoo juice box when suddenly she spit it out all over her shirt, the wall, and the floor...

I honestly have no idea what happened.

I asked her if her tummy hurt and she spit it up on accident or if it was on purpose.

She said it was on purpose...

I guess she saw Em spitting out her food and thought she would give it a try...

Not how I pictured the first feeding to go....


1 comment:

  1. Awww cute pics.. and oh man the "follow every move" is just beginning. Elle and Wes love to mimick one another. AGH!!!



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