Saturday, July 24, 2010

8 Month Old Adventurer

In the past week, since turning 8 months old, Leah had started to discover the house! There seems to be no stopping her! I love just seeing her little mind work while she figures things out.

Where'd she go!?
She found the bottom portion of the kitchen table... it makes a great drum!
She found the bookshelf and all the fun things on mama's bookshelf

She loves her kitties... but they do not love her as much....

The endtable makes a great tunnel!

And this can me the secret hideout!

No need for help!

She is just like her daddy and knows how to work the stereo system!
The routine is no longer bath, bottle, and bed... its bath.... and "Lets go!!" as she books it out of her room

"I know these knobs do something!"
Bed time and nap time are very difficult all of a sudden! She can be exhausted, we lay her down, slowly back out of her room, close the door, and then we hear laughter, or talking, or whinning... and we open the door to this! I am trying to teach her we cant sleep standing up!

Really, How did my baby get this big!?!
She can also walk now while someone holds her hands.... I am hoping to get this on video soon! Stay tuned!


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