Friday, July 9, 2010

More Gilmore-isms....

Gilmore-isms because we are not all about Leah today.... although it really seems like my life revolves around her!

  • Leah's 3rd tooth FINALLY broke through the skin!!!!!!!! I say finally because I have seen these top 2 middle teeth in her gums for amount 6 weeks now! I am sure the other one will be coming thru any day as well! I welcome them because Leah has been sleeping HORRIBLY the past few days, a bit crabby, and trying to bite everything and everyone!
  • Leah discovered the fireplace this morning! I saw her do the "OHH whats that!?" and then headed straight to the mesh "fence" that hangs down... Our fireplace is pretty flesh to the floor, so very accessible for her to climb into... it has never been used, so its clean... but definitely NO place for a baby!!! Any ideas to keep her out!? I know there are little fence things, but I dont think they get attached to anything so I think that would just be more of something to catch her attention and then pull down. Maybe we need to put the class doors on it? We might be visiting Lowes this weekend...
  • Its the end of another quarter... and to my nerdy, but adorable, husband, that meant reviewing our finances. He created a new budget for us last night... one I am totally OK with... and it is planned out so that we are saving to buy me a new car next year!! Whoohoo! Mini Van here I come!!
  • This weekend is date night for Brian and I!!! We are off to see Eclipse, and then dinner at PF Changs! I cannot wait!!! We havent even been to the movies since.... Avatar!? And that was in January!

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