Thursday, July 1, 2010

future blackmail

Someday Leah will read this post and she will be able to blackmail her Aunt Jessica....

The Friday of Leah's first weekend away, her loving Aunt Jessica decided to feed her in her high-chair which sits on hardwood floor at my parents house.

Jessica did not clip on the top of her high-chair all the way.... which wigglie Leah then dove out of.

Leah received her first bruise and a knot on her forehead. Poor thing!!

I was of course worried when I heard about it... and then started to worry even more when her Aunt Tara took her for Friday night, where she slept 8pm-5am, had a bottle, and was back to sleep until 8am. (With me she is usually up by 6 or 7 on the weekends!) And then she was back down by 10 am and had a 2 hr nap! I always heard that head injuries could cause people to want to sleep alot.

But... she was/is fine. I keep telling myself that she is a kid... she will get plenty of bumps and bruises. Its part of growing up!

Being away from my baby girl for 3 nights was definitely tough. Everytime I would think about her I would have to fight back tears. I tried not to talk about her too much and I know it would make things worse and I didnt want to be one of those parents that only knows how to talk about their kids....

I mean how can you NOT miss this face?!


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