Friday, July 30, 2010

Its that time of the year again...

Yep, Its back to school time!

I have been out of school for 3 years now, and Brian is going on..... way more... I think atleast..... so it's obviously not us!

Can you guess?

It's Leah!

After putting down half a month's "tuition" when I was 5 months pregnant and saving the first spot available for Leah, so that she can begin her schooling at the age of 8.5 months old.... she is FINALLY starting Goddard on Monday!

I am excited! Can you tell?

I am excited to get her back into daycare, on a routine, and interacting with kids. I didnt by any means not enjoy having Leah with her grandparents for the summer... she was spoiled, she napped, her grandparents got lots of quailty time, and it was very nice on our bank account....

I just think Goddard will be great for Leah! She is at such a great age right now that she is learning SOOOO much! She can wave bye bye (supposably... never to me... I just get crying when its time for me to leave!) she loves to push doors open and closed, her hand eye cordination and fine motor skills are getting better by the day.... I just think the enviorment at Goddard will be really great for her!

Most daycares give you a sheet every day that let you know when your child ate, slept, and had its diaper changed.... When Leah and I visted a few weeks ago, I saw one of these sheets. Their's included what they did that day... the little boy's that I was look at said "Today we worked on saying the word 'dinosaur'" I cannot wait to see what Leah's says!!!!!!

So Monday is Leah's first day of school! (It is called the Goddard SCHOOL and I feel alot better saying she is at school than daycare) Lets hope I am still this positive after dropping her off that morning and paying the bill!


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