Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If she has nightmares, its my fault...

Last Friday night we had family movie night and watched Percy Jackson and the Lightening Theif.

Pretty good movie... way better than we expected, but they could have done it even better.... I am all interested in my greek mythology again.... When a big storm rolled in the other day I actually said "looks like Zues is getting mad!" Anyone know any good books on Greek mythology?


Leah does pretty good when we watch movies... she loves the open space of the basement, loves to pull out all the movies off the shelf, and will sit and pay attention every now and then.

One point where she decided to pay attention was when a creepy bat monster thing came on. It was scary looking even to me!

Brian yells : cover her eyes!

I respond : She's 8 months old! She has no idea what she is looking at!

Oh how we love our proptective daddy! .... but if she ever has nightmares about a creepy flying thing... its all my fault.

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